Pintu Belajar

About Us

“The glorious chariots of kings wear out, and the body wears out and grows old; but the virtue of the good never grows old.”

~ Buddha ~

Pintu Belajar is a non-profit charity program under the Buddhist Fellowship of Indonesia (BFI) with a sincere vision to improve the standard of education for the underprivileged children of Indonesia.

Established in 2007, Pintu Belajar has helped many children and their families in various Indonesian villages to improve their education and overall living standards.

The success of the program prompted Pintu Belajar to continue with its mission in providing educational aids through the funding of the children's academic needs; the construction of schools and other teaching facilities; as well as in teachers' training programs.

Consisting of dedicated individuals who believe in compassion, love, tolerance and in helping one another, we of Pintu Belajar share the same belief that: Through the right education, a brighter future is achievable.

We believe that the right conditions will help to accentuate the growth of certain qualities. Therefore it is our sincere intention to help create the right conditions for our sponsored children so that they can grow to their best qualities - for the betterment of their future, and ours.

Carefully sorting out the sponsorship applicants

Calling on the villagers with metta

Surveying the area and community hands on

A close and heartfelt discussion