Pintu Belajar



Oka (not real names) is another kid whose eyes would lit up when asked about school. "I love school!" she said, "And I want to be a doctor so I can care for my parents if they ever get sick." Oka lives with her parents and a younger sister in a very humble house with dirt floor, surrounded by their pet dogs and livestock animals such as chickens, ducks and pigs. Her father can only find work occasionally as a cook in other people's parties, while her mom cares for the house. Reaching school is another challenge for kids like Oka. She had to walk very far just to reach the main road where she used to be able to catch public transport; But, more and more now, she has to walk to school for hours because the transport seems to stop operating in that area. Another story of the strength of a young Life's warrior! Thank you, Pintu Belajar, for your scholarship support to bright, positive children like Oka!