Pintu Belajar



On March 2012, Tergar Meditation Centre Jakarta employed a domestic helper named Amsiah. She is a good worker, very dedicated, and she always tries to help others. Being a dedicated and good worker, Amsiah always tries to help others.

Amsiah is married to Sunaryo, together they are struggling hard to raise their children: Budi and Rani. Whilst Amsiah has to work as a helper, Sunaryo is a construction worker with daily income of approximately Rp 35.000, which is barely enough to cover their daily expenses.

Coming from a financially disadvantaged family, Rani and her elder brother has had to experienced quite a harsh childhood. Budi, who is 18 had to quit school to work because his family was unable to support his education. And Rani completed elementary school in 2011 but was unable to continue her education to junior high school due to financial difficulties.

Rani follows Amsiah everyday to help her mother at work at Tergar Meditation Centre Jakarta. It doesn't take a long time before all the Lamas at Tergar to notice a little child working as a domestic helper instead of going to school. Lamas decided to contact Pintu Belajar to open the door for Rani's future.

After gone through all the process, currently Rani Setianingsih is doing very well in her study as a seventh grade student at SMP YP BDN in Pesing under Pintu Belajar's scholarship program.

Rani is not the only one who needs to be reached and helped. Through Pintu Belajar, we can give them hope for their future.