Pintu Belajar


Andi and Buni

Please meet Andi and Buni (not real names)...two neighbours and best friends who live right "in the backyard" of megapolitan city, Jakarta. Andi is a quiet boy who grows up faster than most kids his age because he gets to help his father a lot, working as garbage-scavenger during whatever spare time he has. Buni is a little ball of energy who loves playing soccer and "helps around in the house," he said. When asked what he helps with usually, he answered, "cooking rice." Hahaha... Without scholarships they receive from Pintu Belajar (, they would have never experienced school and had a chance to realise their dreams. Their parents would never have the money to pay for education. Buni, of course, wants to be a soccer player; while Andi wishes to be a mechanic who earns a lot of money so he can buy his father a house. Fly, little ones, FLY...see you among the stars of the bright days ahead!!!