Pintu Belajar

What We Do

"Just as a mother would protect with her life her own son, her only son,
so one should cultivate an unbounded mind towards all beings,
and loving-kindness towards all the world."

~ Sutta Nipata ~

Our children are our future. They are like seeds, each with innate qualities for goodness. Like all seeds, they each need the right soil with enough sunlight, water and fertilizer to grow, so that they can bloom, flourish and yield wonderful fruits. 

Unfortunately, many seeds do not fall on the right soil with the right conditions. Some fall on desert plains with no water, some others fall on dark places with light.

What we do is gathering as much of these misplaced seeds as we could and try to give them a nursery. A place for them to grow, a place for them in the sun.

We care for our sponsored children and strive to provide those right conditions to most effectively facilitate the emergence of their best qualities so that they can grow to be valuable individuals who will give back to society and the world.


Pintu Belajar actively sends out survey teams to the remote areas of Indonesia to meet the children who are up for sponsorship, carefully assessing each individual case to ensure that each child fall into the appropriate aid program.

We do not only monitor their academic performance, but we also consider their living conditions and immediate environment to evaluate whether or not they are conducive to the children's growth in education and future.

This includes viewing the children's household, their daily activities, their social interactions, their interests and level of education, and so on and so forth. Next, our cause also leads us into viewing the village schools, kindergarten, and other teaching facilities or the lack of them thereof. 

Two current sponsorship programs actively implemented by Pintu Belajar are as such:

  • Pintu Belajar Student Sponsorship Program
  • Pintu Belajar School Sponsorship Program


Pintu Belajar provides individual students with the much needed financial aid to fund their schooling and strives to lighten the burden carried by the struggling families over the children's education. This includes the sponsorship of:

  • School/University fees
  • School uniform
  • Textbooks and stationery
  • Travel expenses for school
  • Educational books and toys
  • Home furniture such as desks, book shelves, lamps and TVs


On a larger scale of sponsorship, Pintu Belajar assists the local schools and academic bodies to provide education in the more remote parts of Indonesia. This includes:

  • Monetary aids for the construction of school buildings and facilities such as libraries and playgrounds
  • Monetary aids in form of teachers' wages and teachers' training expenses
  • Allocation of budget for purchasing school books, stationary, furniture, computers
  • Support in the setting up and maintaining of external services such as the Internet and updated correspondence


We care for our sponsored children. Pintu Belajar does not stop at the giving out of sponsorship or building schools alone. Ours teams tirelessly maintain continuous correspondence and regular visits to ensure the well-being of those already under sponsorship, and to provide counsel when needed.